Cambuslang Yoga Studio

St.Brides Primary School ( Ground floor )

Johnston Drive, Cambuslang,G72 8JN

Yogasarvasya Yoga studio

Studio 8, Mansfield Park,

22 Mansfield St, Glasgow G11 5QP 


Class Descriptions

I For those new to yoga
II For those with 6 months + experience
I + II For everyone
III For those with 2 years + experience and ability to do head balance
Workshop For all levels. These are longer classes, sometimes over the course of a day. These events enable us to bring fantastic teachers from all over the world: great days to enjoy wonderful yoga and develop your own practice.
Teachers For Iyengar Yoga Assocation Teachers of Yoga
Teacher Training For those with a minimum of 3 years regular practice with a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher or 2 years practice and 1 year Pre-Teacher Training.

For period of pregnancy between 15- 20 weeks. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise which can help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy. The Iyengar method is unique in that it uses a variety of yoga props to assist students so that mother and baby obtain the maximum benefit from postures without any strain. If you have practiced yoga for one year or longer, it may be possible to attend a regular class, provided you make a prior arrangement with the teacher. Please contact Helen for a list of teachers who can accept pregnant students in their classes.

Important Note

Between 10 and 14 weeks the risk of miscarriage is at its greatest, and therefore you should not practice yoga at all during this time if you are a new student, and practice only restorative poses if you have done yoga for one year or more. Once you have had your baby you should wait about three months before coming to a regular class.



Clothing Ideally t-shirt and leggings. Non-restrictive and comfortable loose clothing. No trainers required.
Equipment The basic requirement is a yoga mat. Other equipment [eg blocks + belts] will be used and can be borrowed or purchased.
Before the class It is not ideal to eat directly before a class. Main meal allow 2-3 hours; light snack allow 1 hour.
Injury or illness It is important however to inform your teacher of anything you think may prevent you or affect you doing yoga. Chances are you are absolutely fine to do the class. In certain cases Remedial and Recuperative classes are also available.
Myths Yoga is not just for women, the young and the supple: sex, size, shape, age or how bendy you are does NOT matter: yoga suits all!
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