Venue: Yogasarvasya Yoga Studio, Partick, Glasgow.

Please find some information below for any one interested in learning to teacher Iyengar yoga. Since Guruji’s passing there are changes ongoing but the information given here is the most up to date at the moment

Contact Helen Graham for application forms E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry requirements

Three years regular weekly practise
Written recommendation from you regular teacher to confirm the above.
Practise of the postures from Introductory Syllabus level One and Two.
Dedication to Iyengar Yoga.
Membership of the IY(UK)

The Course

180 hours over two academic years. One or two training day per month initially on a Saturday 12.30-5.30pm then Sunday 9-3pm and 4 weekends per year.

Maintain attendance at weekly classes by a teacher of Junior Intermediate status or above if possible.


Two written assignments and one practical assessment each year.

Examination of your own practise and teaching at the end of year 2 usually held in Manchester or London in June



January 2018 - June 2018

New Iyengar yoga teacher training  dates


VENUE: Yogasarvasya yoga studio, Glasgow

11 Jan, 3 & 24 March

 5 & 19 May (all saturdays)

Sunday  17 June 


13/14/15 April 2018

Weekend of yoga with Udhay Bhosale (senior teacher from Pune)


Yogasarvasya yoga studio, Glasgow

Contact Helen

 June - December 2018

Intermediate Iyengar yoga workshops

VENUE: Yogasarvasya yoga studio, Glasgow

Class dates: 16 June, 11 August, 1&15 September, 6 &27 October, 17 November, 8 December 2018




Gulnaz Dashti workshop November 2013

To see photos taken at the workshop click on facebook icon on home page

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